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Prayers to St. Monica for Wayward Children

Aug 24, 2017 By Nick Rabiipour

Monica was married to a pagan man of violent temper and her son, Augustine was practicing the heretical Manichaeism sect along with leading a very immoral life. This caused Monica great anguish and pain.  Through her great patience and constant prayers along with her examples of  kindness, Monica was blessed with  the conversion[...]

Saint George: A Courageous Life of Virtue

Apr 23, 2017 By Nick Rabiipour

St. George was a soldier in the Roman army before being martyred in the fourth century. Unfortunately, little else is known about his life with certainty. Throughout history many songs, stories, poems, and hymns have been written about Saint George, and this has led to some of the confusion between what is fact and what is ficti[...]

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St. Bernadette of Lourdes and Her Lessons on Suffering

Apr 16, 2017 By Nick Rabiipour

Though often associated with healing, St. Bernadette has an important lesson to teach us about suffering. She endured sickness throughout her life. As a child she suffered from severe asthma and was weak and sickly. Added to that was the pain that being a visionary caused her---the jealousy, suspicion, and rejection of others.[...]

St. Sebastian: Daring Christian Soldier

Jan 20, 2017 By Nick Rabiipour

St. Sebastian was an undercover Christian for most of his life. He was born into the nobility and joined the Roman Imperial army to keep his cover as a typical noble pagan so that he could minister to persecuted Christians. He moved through the ranks of the army and quickly became a captain of the guard and an imperial officer.

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