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Three Simple Ways to Grow in Holiness This Summer

May 24, 2019 By Mary Kate Hetzel

Summer offers an opportunity to take an inventory of your relationship with God and to see where you might be lacking. Sometimes a few months is all we need to get back on track and to concentrate on a few things that can make a big difference. The following are three simple ways to grow in holiness this summer.

CATEGORIES: Catholic Living
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Do You Struggle With Gossip? Read These Saint Quotes!

Dec 21, 2017 By Mary Kate Hetzel

The temptation to gossip is part of being human. But it's possible that our digital world—with it's constant use of instant communication and information sharing—makes it easier to do, and with so many ways to talk to my friends I find myself making allowances for comments that aren't nice, useful or necessary. So for the next c[...]

CATEGORIES: Prayer Catholic Living

7 Practical Life Lessons From Pope Francis

Oct 16, 2017 By Mary Kate Hetzel
Pope Francis (when he was Bergoglio) helping another cardinal catch his hat in the wind

Pope Francis is a wellspring of practical and spiritual instruction in ways perhaps surprising and unlikely. Reading his words in The Name of God Is Mercy and The Church of Mercy is helpful in illuminating the Pope as a man we can all relate to and learn from. Here is a list of quotes from these books that can help us take a sec[...]

CATEGORIES: Pope Catholic Living

The Rosary and the Trick to Tricky Habits

Aug 31, 2017 By Mary Kate Hetzel

I guess flossing never felt like a real choice that I faced when there was no floss in sight. But it is, as I understand it, the non-negotiable factor in having actually healthy teeth. And I think that's kind of how the rosary works. And yesterday it hit me, that all this time maybe I would have found myself praying the rosary i[...]

CATEGORIES: Prayer Catholic Living
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