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Christmastide: The Celebration Has Just Begun!

Dec 20, 2018 By Genevieve Cunningham

Most people think that Christmas is over on December 26th. But for the Catholic Church, the celebration has just begun. There is a reason why Christmas is called a season. It does not last for a single day. We have been preparing for it for four weeks, and the Church couldn't possibly start and end its celebration of Christ's bi[...]

How To Celebrate As A Catholic When It’s Ash Wednesday & St. Valentine’s Day

Feb 13, 2018 By Genevieve Cunningham
How To Celebrate Ash Wednesday & St. Valentine's Day Like A Catholic

Catholics everywhere are talking about it. "Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day are on the same day this year. What do we DO?" No worries. The answer is actually pretty simple. We just haven't had to worry about this since 1945, and the coinciding of Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day won't happen again until 2024. In the meantime,[...]

The Day My Mom Ran Into Mother Teresa When She Needed It Most

Sep 01, 2016 By Genevieve Cunningham
How I Was Literally Touched by Mother Teresa

Back in 1995, my mom was a young mother with five children. (There are nine of us now.) It was a time of life that was truly testing her limits. She was stretched thin as a wife and mother, trying to raise us while my dad, who worked very long hours, came home late in the evening and usually missed dinner. Money was tight for th[...]

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