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6 Ideas to Use Prayer Cards During Lent

Feb 15, 2012 By Nicholas Cole | 0 Comments

Parishes can use personalized prayer cards in several ways during Lent. Prayer cards are an effective and affordable way to share information and prayer guides all year long especially during the important prayerful season of Lent. Here are several ways to use prayer cards during Lent, all you need to do is pick your favorite prayer card image to begin:

  1. Lenten Rosary - The Sorrowful Mysteries
  2. Prayer Before the Crucifix
  3. Prayer Before the Stations of the Cross
  4. The Stations of the Cross
  5. The Chaplet of Divine Mercy - Pass out cards on Palm Sunday or Holy Thursday.
  6. Pass out devotional cards as keepsakes of Lenten retreats.

Can you think of any other ideas to use prayer cards during Lent? Please share below.

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